Antony Singleton

I’ve been practicing workers’ compensation law for over a decade: first as a law student at Advocates for Injured Workers, and then throughout my career as a lawyer.

After I was called to the bar in July 2007, I worked for five years at the firm Green & Chercover (a union-side labour law firm now known as Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson). I was trained and mentored by some truly excellent lawyers there, who taught me the value of thorough, meticulous work, while at the same time encouraging imaginative solutions to our clients’ legal problems.

At Green & Chercover, I got a solid grounding in labour, employment and human rights law, while continuing my workers’ compensation practice.  Then I worked for two years at the Office of the Worker Adviser (during which time I hatched the plan to open my own firm), and ten months filling a parental leave contract at IAVGO Community Legal Clinic—both places where I honed my craft in workers’ comp.

Prior to my life as a lawyer, I was a student of medieval English literature. I have a MA from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand—the country I grew up in—and a DPhil from the University of Oxford in the UK. While I was studying at Oxford, I met a lovely Canadian girl, who I married, and then moved with her to Toronto.

It turned out that in twenty-first century Toronto there was no great demand for medieval English(!), so I decided to retrain as a lawyer.

I’m glad things turned out that way. I like legal work.